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Symphonic and Wind Ensemble 2012

2016 - 17 Concert Schedule

November 10: Fall Concert: 7:00 PM
December 12 Holiday Concert: 7:00 PM
January 19: PRISM Concert : 7:00 PM
January 21: OMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival
February 22: Pre-Contest Concert: 7:00 PM
March 3 or 4: OMEA Large Group Festival
March 14: Evening of Elegance: 7:00 PM
May 2: Spring Concert and Awards: 7:00 PM

Director Newsletter - March 9, 2017
WNHS Band Handbook 2016-17

Wind Ensemble :

This is for the most advanced musicians, typically Juniors and Seniors. An audition is required.

Limits will be placed on membership for each section.

- receive one (1.0) credit towards your “arts credit”
- full year class - perform several concerts
- will attend large group contest
- may attend solo and ensemble
- bands travel on a regular basis

Dress for Wind Ensemble:

Men: Black tuxedo**, black shoes/socks, white shirt (preferably a tux shirt), black bow tie.

Women: Black dress. Must go past the knees. Black shoes. If a woman chooses not to wear a dress, she may wear all black. Taste is the key.